The photographer

Tim McClanahan is a passionate and immensely talented photographer from Denver, Colorado. He has successfully run his own photography company known as Tim McClanahan Photography since 2004. Tim has been practicing and mastering his artistic skills behind the camera lens for more than 20 years, specializing in shooting portraits. He has a diverse range of expertise and extensive experience working as a photojournalist. His glitzy shots have been published in newspapers, magazines, websites, and blogs and used as promotional content for business entities worldwide. Apart from offering commercial photography services, the artist inside of Tim has also persuaded him to cater to personalized photography projects for his valued clients. He not only covers weddings, parties, family reunions and other live events but also specializes in capturing the smallest special moments of people’s lives with the magic of his camera lens. Tim’s love for photography goes back to his very early childhood. Being the son of a professional photographer, the camera was never something new for him. He was born with an eye to capture the beauty of various live moments, natural landscapes, lifestyle events, and real people and turn them into golden memories that can last forever. Tim has always been an enthusiastic music lover. It is an undying passion for him. No matter what genre or era, music has also strongly influenced his photography career. He has, and still continues to, express his love for music by working with several musicians. Being regarded as a unique and one-of-a-kind hip-hop photographer, he has covered numerous world-famed artists, performances, concerts and live events in the past decade. He ardently strives to capture the essence of music in his photographic endeavors. Tim believes that he’s not musically inclined, but the very sound of music is always around him in different ways. This is what inspires and motivates him to capture this everlasting talent in his own distinctive style and art of photography.